• “Always think of people as whole beings, never just as their symptoms.” Dr. Sid Garrett

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    Brain Health Coaching

    Let’s face it. Our brain is the most important organ in our bodies, yet it’s often the most unappreciated and overlooked. If you want to be healthy biologically, psychologically, socially and spiritually you have to take great care of your brain.

    Better brain… better life.

    Better brain… better relationships

    According to the Amen Clinic’s 30+ years of research, here’s a list of some of the most important things that hurt your brain:

    ·      poor decisions

    ·      brain injuries

    ·      drugs & alcohol

    ·      obesity

    ·      inactivity

    ·      poor diet (high omega 6 fatty acids, low omega 3s)

    ·      insomnia

    ·      sleep apnea

    ·      nicotine

    ·      too much caffeine

    ·      diabetes

    ·      hypertension

    ·      chronic stress

    ·      environmental toxins

    ·      untreated depression or other mental health issues

    ·      unhealthy peer group

    Here’s a list of some of the most important things to help your brain:

    ·      appropriate anxiety

    ·      sustained self-control

    ·      new learning

    ·      daily exercise

    ·      great nutrition

    ·      healthy weight

    ·      healthy friends

    ·      sleep (7-8 hours/night)

    ·      positive, accurate thinking

    ·      meditation

    ·      brain supportive supplements (multiple vitamin, omega 3 fatty acids)

    ·      knowing about the health of your brain

    If you are curious about how your brain health is impacting the quality of your life, feel free to contact us.