• Cheryl Kinnersley

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    Meet Cheryl

    I am an Ohio licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and International Board of Christian Counselors. I am certified as a Professional Life Coach (AACC), a Master Splankna Practitioner, an Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach and a Professional Christian Counselor (IBCC).

    My Story

    Being a wife and mother was the primary focus during the 26 years between my undergraduate and grad school days. Marriage, raising children, multiple relocations, dealing with terminal illnesses in my family, caring for elderly parents, and job losses were some of the lessons learned best through life experience!

    My Approach

    Recognizing the complexities of our experiences has led me to value an integrative approach to counseling. Working with the “whole person” – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual -is vital for health and healing. If one or two of these aspects is excluded, it’s like sitting on a chair with a leg or two missing: you can balance for a while, but eventually you fatigue and fall. Together we utilize tools and strategies to identify a personalized plan for you.

    My mission is to model Christ’s ministry of freedom, release, and recovery. What a privilege it is to walk with clients as they learn to embrace their value and begin to thrive in life!