• Havi

    My name is Havianna, but my friends call me Havi. I am a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners, the gold standard in certifying therapy animal teams. I work alongside my handler, Kelli Burns, LPCC, who is also a licensed professional clinical counselor. The benefits of animal assisted interventions are well documented. Therapy animals like me, can have a positive impact on your therapy experience.

    Have you ever thought how much it would help to come to therapy if you had a furry friend sitting beside you who is soft to touch, gentle and adoring? This is what I do best. I offer clients a dose of unconditional love and acceptance, warmth, and encouragement to talk about hard things and engage in therapy. I listen intently, radiate warmth and allow people to pet me. My coat is super soft and hypo allergenic. I don’t talk back but I can communicate with you as I wag my tail, give occasional dog kisses, and look directly at you with adoration for the work you are choosing to do. If you would like me to join your therapy experience, let Kelli know and she can explore if I would be an appropriate addition to your counseling experience. Animal Assisted Interventions have been proven helpful in:

    •  Lowering blood pressure and heart rate

    •  Improving mood with the release of the chemical oxytocin

    •  Decreasing anxiety and stress through the release of neurotransmitters of serotonin and endorphins, causing a feeling of happiness and calm while reducing the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline

    •  Decreasing feelings of loneliness and isolation through the human-animal bond

    •  Strengthening self-confidence

    •  Improving memory and cognitive functioning in elderly patients

    •  Improving social skills and self-care

    •  Improving engagement, emotional regulation, and social skills with those on the autism spectrum


    I eagerly await your presence as you decide to take the next step.