• Parenting and Kid Challenges During COVID-19

    The last few weeks have been challenging for families on so many levels. It seems as though every aspect of our lives has been affected in one way or another. Both parents and kids have had their routines and schedules disrupted. Finding childcare, facing potential time off from work, adjusting grocery lists and menus – it’s a lot to manage. How do you navigate through all of this as you try to find “a new normal”?

    Dr. Caroline Leaf’s podcast #144 is an interview with child psychologist Dr. Rebecca Hershberg. It is devoted to many of the questions you as parents are facing right now. Here is the list of topics covered.

    Podcast Time Highlights

    7:00 Why Rebecca loves children

    9:30 Why we need to be the grown-ups in the room

    11:18 How do we manage disrupted routines?

    12:35 Discipline in context

    16:50 Should we still celebrate birthdays?

    19:33 Play, Play, Play

    22:35 How to keep your kids busy

    28:20 How to teach your children coping strategies

    31:27 Should you answer coronavirus questions?

    35:00 Why it is okay to say you don’t know

    36:48 What to do when you need help too

    38:17 How to speak to your children about finances

    42:42 How to protect your own mental health

    46:00 Rupture and repair: why we all fail

    50:37 How to deal with regression and baby play

    53:39 How to help your teenager

    We are available to help families – parents and kids alike! You’re welcome to give us a call or schedule online. Telehealth appointments are now being offered as an option!!


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